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Amazin Grazin is a labour of love from owner and founder Lynne Gardiner. Lynne, a trained baker from Portstewart, started selling her homemade wheaten bread in a selection of different flavours after spotting a gap in artisan markets.

As well as making a delicious traditional wheaten bread and a gluten free option, Amazin Grazin specialises in wheaten bread, flavoured with the best of local produce, including date and apple, guinness and treacle, cranberry and walnut. They also sell a bake at home wheaten bread mix and a bake at home gluten-free option.

Lynne has won several awards for her wheatens to date – Great Taste Awards for the Cranberry and Walnut wheaten and gluten free wheaten and a World Bread Award for her plain wheaten.

You will find Amazin Grazin at the Causeway Speciality Market and the Naturally North Coast and Glens Markets. Their bake-at-home wheaten bread mix and gluten free wheaten bread mix  are sold at selected retailers throughout Northern Ireland and can also be bought online at

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