Babushka Kitchen Café

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A favorite of locals and tourists of the North Coast alike, Babushka Kitchen Café in Portrush is an experience to remember.

The Café is the quintessential place for specialty coffee, where diners can experience handmade breakfast, lunch, including tasty snacks. Indulge your senses amongst the picturesque setting of coastal life, with a five-minute walk to Portrush Whiterocks Beach.

In direct view of the ocean, Babushka Kitchen Café serves spectacular artisan food and hot drinks, which can be enjoyed outside in the summer months and inside on gloomier days.

The view continues with the interior which exhibits artwork provided by local artists, celebrating the importance of artistry and supporting small businesses.

The combination of spectacular views, warm and friendly service with handmade food sourced from local suppliers makes for a café worth celebrating.

Babushka Kitchen Café was awarded Speciality Coffee Shop of the Year, 2018 in all of County Antrim which isn’t a surprise considering the excellence of the AeroPress that offers three differentiating blends. A coffee connoisseur would find a home at Babushka Kitchen Café considering their supplier is Swedish roastery, Koppi.

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