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Located on the outskirts of Coleraine, Barn Door Coffee & Kitchen boasts a fantastic range of delicious baked goods and a bustling coffee shop where you can enjoy everything made fresh to order from local, seasonal produce.

Barn Door started out as the dream of Hannah Pilkiewicz, who, for many years, had dreamt of opening a North Coast outlet that would provide both locals and tourists with great food, fabulous coffee and top-quality service.

The Barn Door Kitchen now supplies a range of delicious baked goods all over the North Coast, but those looking for a fabulous coffee, a delicious breakfast or lunch or a tasty treat can enjoy the Barn Door Coffee shop.  The café offers the ideal opportunity for you to enjoy terrific food made from top-quality, locally sourced, seasonal produce that is simply mouth-watering and unforgettable.

The newest addition is the Barn Door Caravan, a fully-functioning miniature of the coffee shop, which takes its fantastic products to you – wherever you are.

Indoors or outdoors, the Barn Door Kitchen can cater to all of your requirements.

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