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Using state-of-the-art technology, James Richardson, Martha Garbe and their team at the Basalt Distillery in Bushmills focus on recipe development and the engineering of precision-distilled spirits to create their superb, premium gin.

Their flagship product is Giant’s Basalt Rock Gin, which was inspired by the basalt rock that filters the company’s waters from its own 600ft well and other key botanicals have been chosen from the various coastal regions of the province including Kombu Royale, which gives a salty forward flavour, which is followed by hints of mint.

The Basalt Distillery is also totally committed to sustainability and so the company ethos is very much one of social and environmental conscience moving away from using traditional copper stills, opting instead for a stainless-steel, square still, known as an iSTill.

The iStill uses a lot less energy than a typical distillery without compromising the same quality product.

Basalt Distillery’s private label gin is popular with businesses, creating their own unique, personally-branded gin with the company’s bespoke gin distilling and labelling services.

Basalt Distillery also provides a masterfully-made accessory collection, including natural stone basalt coasters with bespoke shaping and edging.

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