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A trip to the seaside is never complete without ice cream. Braemar Farm Ice Cream, based in Castlerock are renowned for their real dairy ice creams and make your trip to the North Coast worthwhile.

Owner Ruth Pollock isn’t simply interested in churning out ice cream, she is looking to make ice cream the artisan way.

For her base, she uses milk from the family’s dairy herd, mixed with a selection of the highest quality, hand-picked local ingredients for her flavours.

From the Hokey Pokey Honeycomb and Strawboffee combinations to the zingy Lemon and Lime and Mango and Passionfruit visitors of the ice cream shop will be spoiled for choice.

Mostly selling the chilled treats from their trailer on the picturesque Castlerock Promenade on Northern Ireland’s iconic North Coast, Braemar Farm also sells its fantastic range of ice creams and crepes across Northern Ireland at a range of shows and events.

They also supplies an increasing number of local shops, restaurants and cafės, so the Braemar Farm Ice Cream range is becoming available to a wider number of delighted customers – both locals and tourists.

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