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Using the very best ethically sourced premium coffee beans from across the globe, Causeway Coffee are dominating the hot beverage market one coffee bean at a time.

Not only can Causeway Coffee’s unique roasts energise you in the morning, but it should have a spot reserved for it in your cocktail cabinet if you enjoy Espresso Martinis or White Russian cocktails.

When founders Graham Watts and Chris McDaid met under difficult personal circumstances over a cup of coffee, they were united in their desire to create coffees that were better than those available on the high street.

With that in mind, the duo embarked on their journey to create coffees that were a step up from the rest but had that ‘something different’ element.

Causeway Coffee takes great pride in roasting only the very best ethically-sourced premium coffee beans sourced from South and Central America, Asia and Africa.

The individual coffee products have roots in ancient Celtic women such as Bebo, the vivacious Queen of Lubdan, and Ciara (meaning dark or black) and after St Ciara, who could quell fires with a simple prayer.

The North Coast company is proud to be a member of the Specialty Coffee Association ​​which shows their commitment to improve their knowledge and skill in providing the best coffee to their customers.

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