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Renowned for its coastal beauty, Portrush has welcomed Causeway Cookie Company, a local wonder, offering bespoke, high-quality bakes.

In return, Sam Swart, the founder of Causeway Cookie Company has been immersed in the community, attending the Irish Vegan Festival, Ballycastle Seafront Artisan Market and many more.

Causeway Cookie Company offer a wide variety of decorated cookies and snack pots of edible cookie dough in a range of flavours; Velvety Vanilla; Rich Chocolate & Irish Black Butter. All are fully plant based, gluten, egg and dairy free. The edible dough has an eight-week refrigerated shelf-life and is suitable for home freezing for up to three months. However, the ingenuity of Swart’s edible dough is its suitability for those that suffer with food intolerances as it establishes itself as a free from gluten option. Their passion for fully plant-based treats offers the community preservative free, high-quality bakes for all occasions.

The hand decorated cookies are lovingly prepared, having been handmade, hand painted and decorated ensuring a variety of bespoke creations that are edible artworks. Causeway Cookie Company caters to all, enveloping the benefits of vegan cookie dough and cookies without compromising on taste. Rest assured there is something for everyone and for all occasions. 

Causeway Cookie Company pride themselves on offering fantastic customer service. Engaged with customers at various artisan markets over the years along the North coast and Glens, providing the market with beneficial options such as edible dough that negates the need for baking.

Causeway Cookie Company provides a much-needed option for ease and comfort without the guilt. Customers readily recommend Causeway Cookie Company, stating that it’s a must see as a visit to Portrush will soon prove.

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