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Chestnutt’s Farm, based near the coastal town of Portrush, offers consumers an environmentally friendly way of buying milk and supporting their local producer.

Their 250ml or one litre reusable glass bottles are refillable at The Milk Hut at the Portrush site.

When purchasing their farm fresh milk through a milk vending machine, the customer has the option to reduce the use of plastic while enjoying a process that is reminiscent of a time before while adapting to modern day consumers.

William Chestnutt, owner of Chestnutt’s Farm has an extensive history with dairy farming as a generational farmer which is showcased in that Chestnutt’s Farm is more than a business, it’s a way of life. After Marrying Alison, the duo created the Milk Hut in 2020 and have since shared their passion for farming with consumers.

The Milk Hut offers a variety of flavours for all to enjoy in their fresh milk, from Honeycomb to Biscoff and much more. The Milk Hut serves customers with variable produce, including fresh milk, eggs, hot drinks, and home-grown vegetables.

The Milk Hut at Chestnutt’s Farm was runner up in the first ever Ulster Farmers’ Union farm diversification competition and was also nominated for Causeway Chamber Agri Business of the Year.

Chestnutt’s Farm is also invested in providing the consumer with information on where their product comes from, including the current genetics on the farm.

In integrating a three-way cross with Viking Holstein, Viking Red and Coopex Montbeilarde, the result is a healthy and fertile cow.

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