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Whatever the weather, the north coast of Northern Ireland is known for its exceptional views but the ambience of Coffee Hut in Castlerock and Portstewart and the accompanying idyllic views are truly unforgettable.
Just a step outdoors and you are greeted with an expansive view of the ocean lapping against the shore. The breeze upon your face with a coffee in hand is sure to ensure an experience unlike any other and a guaranteed revisit.
It comes as no surprise that Coffee Hut were nominated for Best Scone in Northern Ireland considering their scones are handmade daily to ensure you’re getting the best freshly baked goods.
There’s a variety of options regarding food accommodating to your needs, including melt-in-the-mouth treats, intricately crafted pizza and breakfast options with a side of artisanal coffee.
Locally sourced produce is a vital part of Coffee Hut’s values, as they aim to support the local community while providing artisanal coffee with a view and if you like latte art, you will be blown away by the artfully created foam swans to flowers.

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