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Corndale Farm is run by Alastair Crown, a native to Limavady who has made his vision a reality in pioneering Northern Irish produced charcuterie which has since expanded to include cured meats; salami, pancetta and chorizo.

In 2016 Alistair Crown created a now signature recipe that incorporates local meat alongside Spanish paprika from the De La Vera Region which is believed to be the best paprika in the world.

The range of artisan products that are traditionally craft butchered have been and continue to be found in various restaurants and hotels all over Ireland and the UK and also purchased locally from the farm shop, farmers markets and online.

Multiple awards have been achieved as a reflection of Alistair Crown’s commitment to the innovation of spicy chorizo and cured meats. In 2017-2018 Corndale Farm received three awards from Blas na hEireann, including gold for their wild sika venison salami.

Their excellent food has been awarded with stars in 2018 courtesy of Great Taste Awards. The Irish Food Guide has also awarded Corndale Farm as Best Irish Charcuterie.

Corndale Farm invests in the latest systems for storing produce, maturing meats, processing and air drying which those that attend the food tours can hope to see.

The food tours at Corndale Farm are a way in which the consumer can view where their products are sourced and see their passion for sustainable farming.

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