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Dough House Bakery, based in Ballymoney, is an artisan craft bakery dedicated to the creation of handmade produce.

Whether you\\\’re after chorizo, veggie, or piri piri chicken, Dough House Bakery offers a variety of lovingly handcrafted goods. 

In developing their own natural leavening recipe, the sourdough bread and pizza is truly unique.

As a historically rich town, Ballymoney and The Dough House Bakery coincide as the process of baking bread is older than the bronze age; our ancestors were eating and baking flatbreads and now Jonny McCloskey has provided the rural town with an artisan bakery that offers a range of must have produce, including their infamous sourdough bread.

Dough House Bakery are dedicated to using quality sourced ingredients and preparing 100% fresh and handcrafted pizzas for each order. They have even expanded beyond savory, also enlightening consumers with sweet treats.

The Dough House Bakery is the quintessential meeting place for families and friends to gather and enjoy the sumptuous handcrafted food to elevate your taste buds. 

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