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Managed by Marc Fairley, Fairley’s Wines is located in Coleraine, surrounded by a variety of businesses and historic architecture that serves adventure, whether that be a trip to local attractions like that of Cuil Rathain Historical and Cultural Centre or Anderson Park.

The venue provides customers with a fully functional bar and coffee house, offering stellar service alongside a vast selection of wine, including locally produced brands, as supporting the community is paramount to Fairley’s Wines.

When the rain turns from drizzle to downpour, Fairley’s Wines can care for you, seating you in their indoor private lounge by the fire, for Fairley’s is more than an offsales and bar, it’s a place for friends and family to congregate and share stories beside the fireplace. Seating is also available outside, to take in the view of those idyllic days of blue sky and sunshine. Whatever the weather, Fairley’s Wines has a view for you.

Their range contains a variety of products which can be purchased via their website, including: wine, whiskey, port, madeira, spirits, cocktails and craft Beer.

Music nights and bookings for private parties are also available on request.

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