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Situated in Coleraine, Fidela Coffee Roasters offers an aromatic blend of coffee in a spacious environment of minimalistic bliss. Whether enjoying a day out with family, friends or a day of self-care, there’s a hot cup of coffee waiting for you.

Every journey has a beginning and Frank and Rachel Dillon, founders of Fidela Coffee Roasters began theirs in Colombia. In 2016 they established a coffee laboratory at Origin in Nariño, Colombia.

Only a year later they exported their specialty coffee to the Netherlands. Fidela Coffee Roasters directly import green coffee beans from farms in Colombia and roast them in Coleraine. This direct trade ensures 100% traceability from farm to cup. Their passion for coffee has traversed countries, bringing Fidela Coffee Roasters to the North Coast of Ireland and with it, the story of coffee from plantation to your cup of coffee.

To saite your need for specialty coffee, Fidela Coffee Roasters offers a subscription service, coffee equipment and training courses catered to you.

The care that goes into growing, shipping and roasting the coffee is reflected in the premium flavour of the finished product. The process itself attributes to the outcome and in doing so, Fidela Coffee Roasters pride themselves on providing an experience.

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