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Eamonn Matthews family has been farming the land in and around the Drumnagreagh downland since 1688 and there’s nothing Eamonn loves more than heading to the hills with the dogs to gather the sheep.

Glenarm Redspark Lamb is and has always been slow reared. The lambs are free to roam. They climb the hills, foraging for sweet grasses and heather as the Irish Sea crashes on the rocks below them. This natural life creates a lean, sweet rich lamb that Eamonn believes is unique to Glenarm Redspark.

Glenarm Redspark produce lamb for numerous restaurants and hotels around Northern Ireland. It is also available to purchase via their online shop in a variety of meat boxes and cuts.

And why not book a farm tour to find out from your host farmer/shepherd Eamonn what makes their lamb so special and highly sought after by restauranteurs and culinary experts.  For more information on the farm tours go to




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