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Bringing the tantalising tastes of China to your front door every Saturday evening, Golden Rickshaw creates an authentic Asian experience without even having to travel.

Creating delectable dishes from locally sourced ingredients and produce, the menu, which is updated on a monthly basis, takes you on a culinary journey.

From crunchy spring rolls packed full of crispy pork and celery, to juicy chicken filled with aromatic spices and flavours, Golden Rickshaw creates an experience to satisfy all tastes and preferences.

Designing a menu to showcase the local dishes across this vast country, Chef Bonny tailors each menu to celebrate and honour Chinese traditions, festivals and seasons.

Each dish on the extensive menu is freshly prepared for your Saturday night and features natural ingredients, with no added food colourings or MSG. 

With environmental concerns at the forefront, Golden Rickshaw have taken additional steps to ensure a zero-waste experience.

All cardboard tubs and boxes used to transport dishes from the kitchen to your home are biodegradable, and all plastic soup bags are recyclable.

Golden Rickshaw delivers across the Causeway Coast and Glens, with plenty of satisfied customers from Ballymena to Castlerock. 

If you are based outside these areas and still want to sample the incredible dishes cooked up by Chef Bonny, a special delivery or pick up can be arranged for you.

The delivery route is also painstakingly analysed and reviewed to ensure that no excess mileage is wasted in getting the food to your front door.

To enjoy this authentic Asian experience without leaving your house, place your order before Friday on

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