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Celebrating it’s seventh anniversary in business, the Lacada Brewery in Portrush was the brainchild of father and son who not only wanted to establish a brewery, but wanted one that was ‘owned’ by the community on the North Coast.

The father and son team started brewing together in 2015 and based their origins in a love of beer and brewing, but also in a love of place and people.

Their super popular ‘Screw Steamer’, for example or also known as a ‘Steam Beer’ is toasty beer, with a light caramel maltiness and rustic, woody notes from the Northern Brewer hops.

Named after the Screw Steamer/SS ships, which ran between Ardrossan in Scotland and Portrush during the early 1900s, this beer has proved to be a real favourite of both locals and tourists alike.

The company recently announced that they would be seeking additional investment to realise their three-year expansion plan and hope to raise £250,000, some of which will go towards relocation and the possibility of a permanent taproom and restaurant.

Lacada Brewery is also looking for interested parties, who would like to purchase shares as part of this further investment in this award-winning company, which to date can boast:

  • 2018 Utopian Stout 3 Stars at Great Taste Awards
  • 2017 Devil’s Washtub Dark Ale Best New Product in Ireland at Blas na hEireann

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