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From March-October, you can experience a range of handmade grilled cheese sandwiches, sweet treats and specialty drinks made directly from the kitchen of a 1950s caravan.

Located a stone’s throw away from the Giant’s Causeway, Maegden creates the perfect blend of organic, hand selected British and Irish farmhouse cheeses acquired from local experts that are placed between delicious sourdough – baked by master artisan baker Ricky Hay.

With vegan and gluten free options available, there is something for everyone regardless of allergy or dietary choice.

The unique caravan set-up quickly became a springboard in the development of a fixed location in Bushmills, allowing for handmade cheesy goodness to become a year-round treat.

This recent endeavour provides further celebration of small-batch artisan products, as they retail a range of only the best local foods for customers.

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