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Mussenden Sea Salt is a pure natural sea salt harvested by hand from the world-famous Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland.

Produced by the sparkling clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the sea salt is carefully harvested using age-old traditions, resulting in a strong and pure taste, yet delicate in texture.

In 2020, when Claire O’Kane was trying to add to the Honora Kane collection of skincare products, she wanted to include products that contained sea salt but was unable to locate local Northern Ireland sea salt.

Claire understood that sea salt was healthier than conventional table salt and felt that a combination of lavender and black garlic sea salt was an exclusive blend that could not be found anywhere else.

And so, she decided to find her own solution and set out on a journey of curiosity to research sea salt and sea salt production.

Over the next two and a half years, Claire discovered that no one had produced exclusive Northern Ireland sea salt and so she set out to not only produce Northern Ireland’s only sea salt but to produce it as ethically and as close to nature as possible.

An environmentally-passionate advocate, Claire, who was born on the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland, wanted to look for packaging that didn’t contain any plastic. She knew that this would make products a little more expensive, but considered that this was a price to pay for the preservation of Northern Ireland’s coastal waters and landscapes – not to mention throughout the world.

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