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North Coast Chocolates produces a range of hand-crafted, luxury chocolates using both local and Irish ingredients to enhance the flavour of the chocolates.

Owner, Ruaraidh Bailey is a chocolatier with an unsurpassable passion. After he travelled the world Ruaraidh decided to settle in Northern Ireland. Ruaraidh is determined to provide customers in the province – both locals and tourists – with a top-class range of chocolates that are world-beating!

The chocolates are completely ethical, with the company using only sustainably grown, well-fermented and sun-dried main crop cocoa beans, which are traceable to farmer communities in Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Ecuador.

The farmers also pack their beans in jute bags, ensuring protection against humidity and drying out during their long journey to North Coast Chocolates.

The key to the company’s success is, however, the fact that all of the ingredients are local. The company forages, climbs hills and swims rivers to source the finest local ingredients, believing that Northern Ireland’s ‘divine produce’ is what makes the chocolates stand out.

Not only are all the chocolates hand-made, including a wide range of flavours that are both seasonal to reflect our changing palate throughout the year, but they are also designed to ensure that customers are constantly treated to a changing selection of delicious flavours and blends that are new and totally innovative!

Among the most popular flavours at the moment are Home-grown Peppermint and Vanilla and Homemade Peppermint cordial mixed with Madagascan Vanilla to which the mint gives a nice, fresh spark. Also, a favourite of customers are Jam at the Doorstep Seeded Raspberry chocolates which are filled with jam is created on the Causeway Coast. For something unusual, the North Cost Smokehouse Black Pepper With Strawberries & Cabernet flavour is worth a try.

Although based on the North Coast, the company is more than happy to supply chocolates across Northern Ireland and beyond.

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