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Using only natural extracts and essences to give a fresh true flavour, along with simple natural colourings, SeaSugar based in the coastal town of Larne in County Antrim is reinventing the traditional hard sweets with an ever expanding range of unique flavours. 

SeaSugar sweets are made completely from scratch by hand by owner Linda McGibbon who uses the beauty of the nature around her to inspire the fresh and natural flavour combinations of the sweet treats.

From the moment sugar and glucose are added to the pan to when the final label is placed on the bag, Linda McGibbon ensures that every step is carried out with care and attention and an absolute love for the final product.

Made using only natural extracts and essences produced in the UK to give a fresh true flavour, the sweets contain nothing but simple natural colourings and no additives or preservatives which upholds their ethos of giving customers the best possible version of a small treat to be savoured.

All sugar used is sourced from the sugar beet crop grown and refined in the UK which supports the domestic sugar industry.

Customers can choose from flavours such as rhubarb and vanilla, lemon and elderflower, peach and raspberry and much more and there is even an option to create your own flavour combination.

SeaSugar is available to buy from farm shops, visitor centres, delicatessens, and local artisan markets, as well as the option to buy direct from the website.

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