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With ever more people concerned about how their food gets to the table Seaview Farm is passionate about showing that ethical and sensitive produced meat can be achieved. The first regenerative farm in Northern Ireland Seaview Farms produces 100% outdoor raised heritage breed animal products.

Their aim is to inform the consumer of their superior quality and more nutrient density. They strive for the highest ethics regarding soil health and animal welfare. Their motto is #KnowYourFarmer and they invite consumers to ask questions by engaging on social media and sharing their journey with all.

Based close to Portrush Seaview Farms is across 45 acres of pasture with pigs, cows and chickens, all grass or pasture-fed and working in harmony to feed the ground.

Their mission is to provide the most nutrient dense product available, focusing all efforts on soil health and regenerative agriculture; this means farming with nature instead of against her.

Run by Susan Chestnutt and Shay O’Neill, Seaview Farms harnesses the power of nature, and her ability to grow and heal herself whilst limiting the need for pesticides, fertilisers and any other artificial inputs now redundant, is a huge bonus.

Susan and Shay met at the Royal Highland Show in 2015 and since then regenerative farming has been a central part of their lives. Both coming from a dairy farming background has taught them to understand the value of hard work, but they both undertook different career paths before establishing Seaview Farms. Shay studied law, while Susan studied occupational health and human and animal interaction.

Their range includes steak, pork shoulder, burgers, gammon, eggs, pork ribs, meat packs and even raw dog food for your pooch.

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