Tartine at the Distillers Arms

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Tartine is a modern, bustling brasserie serving a selection of hearty dishes utilising high-quality raw ingredients that draw influence from traditional Irish cuisine, including Northern Irish poultry, seafood and homegrown produce.

Situated at the Distillers Arms in Bushmills, Tartine is only 5 km from the infamous Royal Portrush Golf Club and 3 km from The Giants Causeway, offering stellar service and convenient location to nearby attractions.

Originally, The Distillers Arms was home to the Bushmills Distillery owners, spending some years as lodgings and as a pub before being converted to the bespoke restaurant. Gary Stewart, owner of Tartine retained many of its original features as the history of the locale interconnects with the present.

The ambience provided by low lighting and attentive service makes for a relaxing dining experience of sumptuous dishes paired with wine. The interior features carefully selected local artwork, celebrating beautifully appointed craft through original paintings and prints that serve to enhance the area.

Tartine prides itself on the simplicity of its cooking style and the extensive variety of options available for all with a variety of locally sourced produce, even offering Gourmet Home Delivery Service.

Owner, Gary Stewart has developed Tartine’s own Pickle Sauce which is available to buy in the restaurant or in top quality delis and farm shops on the Causeway Coast.

The restaurant and owner Gary have won many awards thanks to their outstanding service and exceptional dishes:

  • The restaurant has been listed in the Georgina Campbell Ireland Guide and Ireland\\\’s Mckenna Guide 2020 & 2021
  • The Distillers Pickle Sauce won gold at the Irish Food Awards, 2021 also recognised as Blas na hEireann
  • Gary Stewart won Restaurateur of the Year 2017 at NI Institute of Hospitality Awards and was a finalist in 2018
  • Tartine has been crowned Ulster Chowder champion at Rathlin Sound and Maritime festival in 2017
  • Won the Northern Irish Tourism Award for Best Food Tourism Experience 2016

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