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Originating as an idea at the very brink of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Lamb Van began as an upcycling project to repurpose an old horsebox into a fully-functioning kitchen.

Although originally based on the outskirts of Ballymoney, The Lamb Van is home to numerous pop-up locations offering six main hot dishes that can now be brought home; as well as their sausage rolls now available for retail at fellow Taste Causeway Member, Jam On The Doorstep.

With a large focus on locality, The Lamb Van is dedicated to, and passionate about, making traditional, high-end lamb accessible to all, regardless of the time of year.

By facilitating the sales of NIFQA (Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured) lamb as modern cuisine, local sheep farmers are exposed to consistent support.

The team behind The Lamb Van are also passionate about educating communities far and wide on the vast range of health benefits associated with lamb and they hope to continue work on their mission to reduce the exportation of Northern Irish lamb.

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