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Based in the County Londonderry village of Kilrea, Vance’s Organic is the certified organic vegetable farm bringing the best in organic, local and seasonal produce to homes across Northern Ireland.

Vance’s Organic Farm produces a wide range of nutrient packed vegetables, thanks to the farm’s slow growth process which enables the flavour to develop to its full potential.

The 100% organic vegetable boxes showcase Northern Ireland’s seasonal veg right at their peak. From freshly picked greens in summer, to earthy roots in winter, the boxes are packed with a changing selection of home-grown vegetables.

The seasonal organic vegetable boxes come in large and small sizes that vary from month to month depending on the produce available and also includes other local products, such as milk, eggs and sourdough bread.

Vance and his team are passionate about doing their bit for the environment, so all of the vegetables are organic, with the emphasis on producing vegetables that prioritise flavour over yield or uniformity.

The farm also supplies some of the area’s best cafés and restaurants, so customers can not only enjoy the farm’s products in the comfort of their own homes, but can enjoy them fully prepared in local eateries.

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