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Portstewart’s promenade is a haven for great eateries, but they don’t come much better than Warke’s Deli, a restaurant and deli, which is renowned for its terrific food and fantastic customer service.

Owner Jacqui Warke ensures that she and her team provide a warm, friendly welcome to every customer – locals and tourists alike – to showcase the brilliant customer service for which Northern Ireland in general, and the North Coast in particular, are famed.

Warke’s Deli is the perfect venue for a casual lunch, a quick snack or a more leisurely get together with friends.

The restaurant serves freshly-prepared food using the best locally-sourced ingredients, so customers can enjoy a terrific range of cheeses, meats and a wide range of deli produce. If you’re looking for a more healthy option, then there’s a fabulous choice of gluten-free, veggie and vegan dishes.

The deli also sells Warke’s Deli’s own hummus and granola, alongside a wide range of local and Northern Irish produce so you can stock up on all your favourites.  They also have a range of hampers in store which would make the perfect gift for someone.

Warke’s Deli also runs regular themed supper clubs, such as Mexican nights, where customers can absorb an authentic, exotic ambience, while enjoying food that is typical of the region.  So if you’re looking for an evening out with friends in a great atmosphere with fabulous food, Warke’s Deli is the place to be.

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