Mark Rodgers of Dalriada Kingdom Tours has been a tour guide for 7 years and in recent times has specialised in working with DMC’s, Tour Operators/Agents and Hotels to offer them a “one stop shop” option in Northern Ireland by creating and delivering unique tour itineraries for their guests.

Tour guiding has been in Mark’s family for nearly 130 years. He has inherited the stories and skills he possesses from his late father in law and is proud to carry on this family tradition. His unique knowledge of his home and his ability to tell stories that complement the journey creates a strong emotional memory for guests to relive and retell time and time again.

Mark delivers tours that provide an insight into the hospitality, salmon fishing and Whiskey industries across our shore and provides guests with an ambient hamper from “Taste Causeway” to enhance the experience.

The Dander with Dalriada Tour is the most complete guided walking tour experience available on the iconic Giant’s Causeway Site. This tour is about our history and our heritage and it pays homage to our ancestors. It provides a step back in time to a period full of entrepreneurship and great characters. An ambient hamper from Taste Causeway will give you a delicious memento packed full of local produce that connects you to this area.

Details of all other tours can be found on their website