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Experience a Taste of Mussenden

Mar 21, 2024

As you arrive to the entrance of Mussenden Temple and Downhill Demesne, you stop for a moment, taking in the stunning landscape, rugged cliffs and just to the right, a glimpse of the sparkling sea. Time is already slipping away in the sights and sounds of this area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  

As you make your way through Lions Gate, you see the Downhill castle just above your designated area in the carpark. You are warmly greeted by Members of the National Trust, who will guide you to your exclusive entrance to Mussenden Temple. A short distance away from the carpark. This wonderful Journey can be by car or foot, we have arranged a chauffeur bus to take you the short drive to Mussenden Temple.  

Driving through the Downhill Demesne, maybe you’re walking under the stars, or guided by the sunlight, there is no weather or way that can take away from this amazing short journey to Mussenden Temple, even a Moody Sky at Mussenden is breathtakingly. The amazing sounds, sights, and taste of that sea air on your lips, the world stops for a moment in the magic of this mesmerising landscape.  

Arriving at the steps of Mussenden Temple, you feel that you are experiencing solitude at this magnificent monument, a tailored made experience, going beyond the doors of the temple, only the few experiences. As the temple doors open to the sound of the sea below, you are warmly welcomed by Claire from Mussenden Sea Salt. A local food producer, with a deep connection to this landmark and the landscape.  

Once inside, you really take a step back in time, as this iconic and incredible building is unspoilt by modern features, offering you an authentic and atmospheric dining experience.  

As you sit back and relax to the sounds of local live entertainment, you are given an opportunity to taste the local land and celebrate all things local. Our menus for the evenings are a celebration of our local chefs and produce and marries the sustainable with the luxury and pays homage to this magnificent local landmark  

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