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Taste Causeway Chocolate Experience

Mar 30, 2024

The Chocolate Manor is a warm and inviting shop, artisan food emporium & chocolate experience space - the smells alone are enough to tempt you in off the street!

From the shop, look through the old archway into the workshop beyond. Here you’ll see the chocolatiers busily at work. They’re handcrafting unique creations and you’re about to join them.

After introductions, your friendly and expert host Geri will guide you through your first experience of tempering chocolate. Using the same sustainably sourced chocolate that goes into the products in the shop, you’ll mould your own delicious chocolate bar.

Then you’ll be introduced to a local artisan product: Mussenden Sea Salt, which is harvested from the Atlantic Ocean just yards from The Chocolate Manor. You’ll watch how to prepare a sea-salted caramel ganache and with Geri's help you'll create your own batch of delicious truffle mix.

While the mix is setting, you’ll have time for a luxurious hot chocolate, which (weather permitting!) can be enjoyed just two minutes away, on Castlerock beach.

After indulging in the rich beverage, you’ll be guided through the process of scooping and hand-rolling your truffles. You’ll also learn how to temper milk chocolate to coat your creations, before decorating them. And voila; you’re a chocolatier!

Click here to book a place on the award winning Taste Causeway Chocolate Experience. 

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