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Whoosh Asian Noodle Snack Pots Create a Stir at Selfridges, London

Sep 11, 2023

Congratulations to Taste Causeway member Thana  Thammavongsa from Whoosh who travelled to London to be part in the launch of her Thai and Vietnamese rice noodle Snack Pots in the prestigious Selfridges Food Hall.

Thana, who set up Whoosh Street Food Café located in the heart of Coleraine back in 2008, created this unique range of instant noodles last year, making them the first Asian snack pots produced in Northern Ireland. Thana exhibited them for the first time at the Taste Causeway Showcase in November last year.  since then, she has never looked back, and the Coleraine Chef couldn’t be more delighted!

"It's always been part of our plans to develop a product derived from our most popular Thai and Vietnamese street food dishes and family recipes," said Thana. "To see our snack pots in a renowned establishment like Selfridges is truly fantastic."

Geared towards both the food-on-the-go and retail markets, you can currently enjoy Thai Red Curry Rice Noodles, Thai Tom Yum Rice Noodles, and Vietnamese Curry Rice Noodles, with even more tantalising flavours in the pipeline for next year.

Inside each snack container is a small pot of spice mix and the rice noodles. All it takes is a dash of hot water and a mere three to four minutes of your time. Whether you're in need of a quick snack, a speedy lunch, or an on-the-go treat for your car journey, these snack pots have you covered.

"What we are trying to do is encourage people to use leftovers," explained Thana. "Whatever you have in the fridge, you can put that in as well. I've developed each recipe to also allow customers to add their protein, such as chicken, prawns, tofu, or fresh vegetables."

Thana added, "The snack pots are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. We didn't make them purposely vegetarian to target a market; it's because we don't believe in adding artificial meat. We wanted to keep it as clean and natural as possible, using all-natural ingredients, with no e-numbers or preservatives used. It's got a cleaner, fresher taste, and there are different spice levels. If people don't like it too spicy, they can add as much or as little of the spice mix as they wish."

These snack pots offer not only convenience but also a healthy choice, with just 314 calories per serving.

Wondering where you can get your hands on these delicious snack pots? If you're in Coleraine, you can visit Whoosh's street food café in Bellhouse Lane. Alternatively, you can place an order via social media for delivery across the UK and Ireland. Northern Ireland residents are in luck, as these snack pots are available in 25 locations, including Spars, Eurospars, Mace, the Asian Supermarket in Belfast, and more.

Sharon Scott from Taste Causeway added 

"We are delighted with Thana’s latest success in Selfridges Food Hall. Watching her journey from hospitality to food production and see her ambition, belief and enthusiasm for her product being realised has been amazing. This lady has a vision and a drive that is truly inspirational and we are proud to have  played a small part in her journey so far, which is really only just beginning.”

As Whoosh continues to evolve and expand, the future is looking bright for this talented chef and her unique food business which fuses the best of Asian and European food cultures.

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