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Islander Kelp supplies organic kelp from the island to specialist food retailers, distributors and restaurants around the world and is the only producer of farmed, cooked and made ready to use kelp noodles in Europe.

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Islander Kelp
Islander Kelp
Islander Kelp
Islander Kelp
Islander Kelp

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Sourcing kelp from the shores of Rathlin Island, Islander Kelp was founded by fourth generation fisherwoman Kate Burns who is passionate about bringing the superfood benefits to the people of Northern Ireland and beyond.
Renowned for their ‘superfood’ health benefits, kelp is an extremely versatile product and Islander Kelp’s range reflects that from noodles to pesto to relish which are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Next to her love for kelp, is Kate’s love for the environment and determination to use kelp production to regenerate coastal and island communities.
Kelp is grown with no pesticides and the more that is grown the bigger a habitat it provides for fish. It also absorbs carbon.
Baby kelp plants are grown in tanks on Rathlin Island and when they reach two millimeters, they’re attached to a rope out at sea to be pulled in during harvest time in May and June.
Islander Kelp use a 100% natural process to preserve the kelp. Firstly they wash and blanche the kelp in freshwater. Then they chop it and deep freeze it. Thanks to this refined process which has been developed over many years, Islander Rathlin is organic.
As well as its flagship product – the kelp noodles, Islander Kelp also sells minced kelp, cooked and raw, raw luminaria for dashi production, and also a range of retail and food service products, kelp relish, tapenade, salsa verde and pesto.
Islander Kelp produces and exports across the world, enabling customers across the globe to experience a taste of Ireland.


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Address: Church Bay, Rathlin Island, Ballycastle, BT54 6RT

Email: [email protected]